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Feral tavern

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Feral tavern

Feral tavern was founded by the Živanić family with a lot of love and tradition. It has become one of the leading restaurants that has been working hard to preserve traditional food for over thirty years. We aim to bring you the magic of mediterian food with its unforgettable taste and smell. You can relax in our comfortable atmosphere organized casual events or ceremonies having every staff member at your disposal.

You can choose between Mediterranean cuisine which is dominated by seafood specialties: fish, crabs, clams in combination with olive oil and Mediterranean seasoning and Continental cuisine which is dominated by large variety of meat specialties.

Along with our cuisine we offer our guests a rich assortment of authentic Montenegrin wines of high quality. Along seafood and meat specialties, in our tavern you can enjoy sweet pancakes.

We organize formal lunches and dinners and business meetings. For this occasions, we are providing separated space in our tavern where you can enjoy atmosphere with your business partners in food and drink.

At our tavern you can also relax with coffee or some other hot beverage, beer or juice.

Our staff is at your disposal.


  • Up to 10 passengers + skipper


Speedboat equipment includes life jackets, diving masks, a tent, blankets, fridge and music to listen while relaxing on the boat. To make your ride more pleasant we offer free cold drinks (water/juice) and free WiFi.

  • From 07:00h - 23:00h


Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks on the boat.

Island Mamula is private and isn’t open to tourist yet, but you can enjoy the panoramic view of the area from our boat.

The best time to visit the Blue Cave is in the summer months, during the day. Sometimes, due to bad weather conditions, high tide or waves, the cave won’t be accessible by boat, but we will inform you about the situation.

We don’t provide that option. You can only rent a boat with our skipper.


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